Environmental Management and Strategy Projects

SR 167 HOT Lane Projects

— WSDOT (2008-2009) —

Clearway Environmental provided environmental management and compliance services including directing environmental team actions, leading NEPA compliance, developing environmental compliance strategies, reviewing technical environmental documentation, permitting, complying with the ESA and floodplains requirements, and mitigation negotiation. These road construction projects also constructed several fish passage culvert replacements, on-site stream mitigation, and provided wetland enhancement at the Mill Creek Site C mitigation site.

SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project

— WSDOT (2008-2012) —

Clearway Environmental provided environmental management support to the SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project during the environmental strategy development phase. Provided input on the program permitting approach, consultant personnel, schedule, scope, and budget. Provided a detailed review and overhaul of the project permitting schedules for the Westside (bridge), Eastside (SR 520 east of the bridge), and Pontoon Construction elements of the SR 520 Bridge Replacement program. Obtained shoreline substantial development permits for 4 bridges and 5 mitigation sites.

I-5 Boeing Access Road to Northgate Concrete Pavement Rehab Project

— WSDOT (2008) —

Clearway Environmental developed a stormwater white paper to summarize environmental considerations for stormwater retrofit within the project, consider existing and future environmental regulations regarding stormwater, and provide recommendations for use in budget and project planning. Worked with hydraulic engineers, the project team, and WSDOT headquarters on stormwater policy implications and solutions to meeting the Highway Runoff Manual in this highly urbanized corridor.


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